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Providing Occupational Safety and Health Consulting and Technical Services  to business of all sizes and types. 


A Business With a Conscience

Here's why business owners keep coming back:


Our services save you time and money.

No recruiting, no unemployment, no payroll taxes, no workers compensation exposure, no downtime and no additional training costs. The upside is that you can control cost, access immediate expertise, increase your staffing flexibility, ensure quality-assurance, improve dependability and reduce risk and liability.


We will help you develop a systematic approach.

We will perform inspections, develop checklists, and train your team on ways to work more safely and efficiently. We will also train you to develop your own checklist for your unique working environment. Our experienced safety specialists know all the ins and outs of this industry and know how and where to look for potential hazards. The result is an actionable, comprehensive safety plan customized to your business.


We focus on results-driven safety management.

You expect results, and we deliver. We integrate safety across our programs and deliver outstanding results while staying engaged for a long-term partnership .


Our Services

At General Safety Consulting, our years in the field have allowed us to become more than just specialist in one area. We are truly safety "generalist" serving a wide variety of client needs.  We can serve all of the following areas and more:


  • Site Inspections and Evaluations
  • Mishap and Near-Miss Investigations
  • Hazard Analysis and Mitigation
  • Site Safety Staffing
  • Playground Safety and Development
  • Safety CPR and First Aid
  • Program Development and Management
  • Consulting
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